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Feb 2, 2013 12:45pm EST
again. our economy is growing again. the last 24 months of nevada businesses have created almost 30,000 new jobs. last year said been a success story. it is undeniably on track. tonight i can confidently report to the people of nevada that the state of our state grows stronger every day. now stand at the threshold of another legislative session fell shape the future of our great state. we must make some immediate decisions and of the present issues of the day. a challenge is helping nevada that is still on the horizon kicked the system in the future, not too far up a far enough that we must consider what we can be. these of the children's faces to see on the screens behind me. these children are members of the graduating class of 2020. their second graders today. it is my hope that the faces of these children when will inspire us as we consider both the short and long-term realities of our state. two years ago we began laying the foundation for improved education in nevadato win a critical victory for nevada's children. and we did. we passed laws requiring performance-based evaluati
Feb 2, 2013 1:30pm EST
to the time they leave higher education, we must prepare them to succeed in a 21st century economy. and if we are sincere in our concern for the next generation, how we deal with one another matters, not only during this session but also throughout the campaigns that bring us to these positions of public trust. every day, our kids watch what we do and learn from our example. members of the 63rd legislature, what i ask of you tonight is simple and straightforward: first, be responsible with our budget, because i won't allow you to spend more than we take in or make cuts that undermine our long-term stability. second, join me in focusing on creating jobs, investing in education, and making government more effective, and lastly, act in a manner that we're not ashamed to have our children watching, because they are. i am taking these principles to heart, and we've hit the ground running to create better jobs, better schools and a more effective government. a company recently came to the state of montana and said they'd like to locate a manufacturing facility in great falls, but they needed a work
Feb 2, 2013 12:10pm EST
created in our economy go unfulfilled. why? too many people lack the skills to fill them. your vote on a bill will allow us to partner with businesses to put more workers with the skills they need to go into jobs that are in the highest demand. often times, this barrier is the state's own licensing system. in maryland, we can remove those barriers. we have made solid progress in career and technical education at our high schools, but there is so much more we can do and we must do. lifelong learning is the new reality. it must get our heads go graduates the skills they need for lifelong that you must get our high school graduates the skills they need for lifelong learning. we need an innovative solution. elect motivated high school students work toward the high school diploma and to your associates degree at the same time. we can make this sort of early access to affordable college credit. there is ongoing challenge of college completion. you have met with them. i have met with them. business leaders say we are not producing enough college graduates, especially in science, technology
Feb 2, 2013 11:20am EST
that comes together to look at removing regulations in the private sector that hold our economy back. that changes this year. i am announcing the formation of a gubernatorial task force largely to be made up of members of the business community that will review regulations and recommend those we can eliminate. some changes can and will be made at agency level. while i will be directing by executive order all of my agencies to begin this review process. some may require legislative action, which is why i am asking you to join me in this effort to invite majority leaders to make an appointment to the task force. it has always been my belief that the best way to improve new businesses in our state is to take care of the businesses we already have. with the business community as our biggest cheerleaders, there is nothing we cannot accomplish in the great state of carolina. [applause] we have to address our crumbling infrastructure. our roads and bridges are simply not up to standard. more than 1000 of south carolina's bridges are structurally deficient. first and foremost, it is a public
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4